Former Councilor and Deputy Town Supervisor
Town of Caroline, New York

I am proud to have served as Town Councilor and Deputy Town Supervisor of Caroline, New York. Caroline is a beautiful community with a passion for independence.

We have accomplished a great deal in protecting our community, strengthening our local economy, and stewarding our environment for generations to come.


Democracy in action

The Town of Caroline is a leader in public engagement. Town committees are led by citizens, including emergency planning, comprehensive planning, trails and natural areas, watershed stewardship, energy independence, and public information. Citizens give direct input on Town government and policy. We are blessed with an active community of people working together to solve important issues affecting all our lives.

Visit for the latest Town news and events. I encourage you to ask questions and get involved. An informed and active citizenry is key to a successful democracy.

Energy Independent Caroline

Energy Independent Caroline is a collaboration among residents, Town Council, and community members to effectively use our natural resources to achieve energy independence from fossil fuels on a municipal & residential level. Energy Independent Caroline is seeking volunteers for a wide range of projects dedicated to a clean energy future. Get involved today!

Featured in:

Frongillo is profiled as one of America’s 16 most notable young elected officials in Jeff Thigpen’s new book Young Politics and Liz Walker’s latest book, Choosing a Sustainable Future: Ideas and Inspiration from Ithaca, New York, and appears in the film Dear Governor Cuomo.