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Dominic Frongillo’s record of leadership

Frongillo has been recognized for his commitment to proactive leadership in public service.  Frongillo is profiled as one of America’s 16 most notable young elected officials in Jeff Thigpen’s new book “Young Politics” and Liz Walker’s latest book, “Creating Sustainable Communities: Ideas and Inspiration from Ithaca, New York.”   He has appeared on WCNY’s Capital Pressroom, WXXI, WMHT, WNED, WRVO, WSGK, WHCU, WICB, and five television programs, and has been featured in Yes! Magazine Online, The Irish Times, the Spanish Publico, the leading Japanese newspaper Akahata, the Albany Times Union,  Syracuse Post-Standard, the Ithaca Journal, Ithaca Times, the Ithacan, the Cornell Daily Sun, Connect Cornell, and Human Ecology magazine.

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Ithaca Journal: Pair suggest community buy into Enfield wind farm. June 27, 2010

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Ithaca Journal: Ithaca College, Caroline represented at U.N. climate conference. December 3, 2009

Tompkins Weekly: Local Politician to Attend Climate Talks, November 16, 2009 Page 7.

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Ithaca Journal: Local lawmaker, 25, picked to talk at UN summit. November 15, 2007

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Connect Cornell: Paths of Independent Majors. Winter 2006